The Terminus Story 

Terminus started as a dream between two brothers who wanted more... 

While working in building supply distribution, they had the unique opportunity to see behind the curtains of an industry that was desperate for fresh ideas and innovation. They knew they could be that fresh perspective and build a tribe of likeminded people who wanted to bring integrity and compassion to their local community. They had the right ideas, they just needed some help.

This is when the ladies came into the picture. Chelsea and Jessica knew they could handle running the business so they are who started Terminus, an industry leading women owned roofing company. This move allowed the boys to do what they were truly passionate about; making relationships, pushing sales, and creating a culture of relentless ambition.  Make sure to keep your eyes on this growing company. We're making big moves in the industry and our community! 

Our mission at Terminus Construction Group isn't just building impeccable projects, it is building impeccable people. 

TRIBAL                            RELENTLESS                            INTEGRITY                            INNOVATION                            COMPASSION 

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