Image by Giorgio Trovato

Solar in Georgia 

What is 'Solar'?

Solar is a fairly new idea to most Georgia home owners but it isn't a new product. Solar has been around for 60 years and is more affordable than ever! Residential solar energy takes your most underutilized part of the home (your roof) and gives it a new purpose! The goal is to install solar panels to the south facing slope of your home and get set up with the energy companies net metering program to cancel out your electricity bill and create your own energy!

Isn't solar expensive?

GREAT QUESTION! Solar panels are more affordable than ever and we have a financing partner that allows you to replace your energy bill with a solar payment. After you pay off the panels they are yours to keep! 

There is no out of pocket cost for installing the solar panels. 

Do I need batteries? 

NO! The beauty of net metering is you will never need expensive and unsightly batteries in your home. 

Unfortunately, the power companies are limited how many people can use net metering and right now we're limited to 5000 homes in Georgia. This means you need to claim your spot by getting a risk free energy analysis now!

Is there a tax incentive?

YES! The 26% tax credit was supposed to end January 1, 2021, but actually got extended to 2022! This leaves a limited window to get the most cash back in your pocket for installing solar, make sure you get your energy analysis booked today! By getting in early you are locking in your free money by being ahead of the curve! 

Does everyone qualify?

Unfortunately NO, Solar is not a good option for everyone. The risk free energy analysis is so important because thats how we can screen who is a good candidate for solar energy. It is determined by your energy consumption, your homes sun hours and what direction your house sits. Let's have a consultation and see if solar is a good fit for you. 

It seems to good to be true. 

Ya, we get that a lot, because IT IS too good to be true. There is a catch. Solar is not something that you can just go and purchase, your home has to qualify first. After qualifying, your roof must pass an inspection to make sure it is in good shape and can handle the panels. (Don't worry, we know a company) As you can see, there are a few steps to go through before going solar... Stop wasting time, let's see if you qualify today! 

I had no idea I could go solar for the same price as my monthly electric bill! Partnered with the Federal Tax Credit I'm actually making money!